CashCamp Review (2020)

WARNING: CashCamp is Dead, Do not use it!

Look here to see real trading software.

CashCamp Review

CashCamp was a binary options auto trading robot, that was created in 2015. Recently many websites have started spreading the word about CashCamp as if it is the Holy Grail of binary options trading. We decided to take a look at the robot and see if it is everything that they say it is.

CashCamp Review

Like many binary option signals and binary option robots, CashCamp is just pages after pages of fake testimonial video’s.

On the main page we saw, they write “No promises to make you millions but $1,192, Daily average profits guaranteed!”

We signed up for CashCamp, and were taken to another page, with more videos and asking us to signup. When we signed up they created an account for us at Tradorax. The problem is that we are in England, and Tradorax is not a licensed broker in Europe.

Then we were taken inside their system and could not see anything!

No signals, no setting, just then telling use to activate our account by making a deposit.

CashCamp Signals

Problem Using CashCamp

We could not see any signals except for the fake ones on the home page.

No ability to choose a broker, and they set us up with an unlicensed broker. No ability to customize which assets to auto trade. No demo trading mode. False guarantees of profits.

If I lose money, who is paying me back? Is there an address or phone number of someone to speak to?

Just look at this post about someone who lost money with 3 robots.

How To Find a Good Auto Trading Software

There are literally hundreds of robots, systems, and trading software now available for binary option traders.

If you want to use an automated trading software, first try out a real software for automated trading like the Binary Options Robot and use one of the licensed brokers they work with.

Choice of Brokers

There are so many problems with trading software, and what makes it worse is there are many problems with unlicensed scam brokers. Just read this article about complaints.

There is no reason for a trader in the UK, Australia or any other European country to trade with an unlicensed and unregulated binary options broker. Today there exists more than 20 licensed and regulated brokers to choose from.

Where do I logon to my account?

Once we created an account we were redirected to a members area of the website. When we went back to, we could not figure out how to get back into the members area. This is the problem with most trading robots, they are only interested in getting new people to signup, and don’t care what happens after the trader makes a deposit.

Does the automated trader actually work?

A binary options robot can make promises of 99% accuracy, and write multiple fake testimonials that look real. If you really think you are going to make money with it, then try to verify the accuracy of these claims. We would be really surprised to find anyone who really traders successfully with such scam software.

What Should You Do?

If you are interested in trading binary options with a reputable broker and without an automated trading robot, have a look at the updated list of best brokers.