Bitlish Cryptocurrency Exchange Review (2020)

Trading instruments (cryptocurrencies)

Bitlish offer trading in the most popular digital coins and several fiat currencies (USD, EUR and RUB)At the moment of writing this review, these include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Doge, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Monero.

Currently, the most traded pairs are BTC/USD and BTC/EUR.

Minimum initial deposit

Unlike most cryptocurrency exchanges do not clearly specify a minimum deposit level, Bitlish requires suchfor both blockchain transfers, and those in fiat currencies. For example, Bitcoin payments must be no less than 0.00001 BTC, and Bank transfers should be of at least 5 EUR. Maximum payment limits are also set on a monthly basis.


Obviously, Bitlish does not provide margin trading, as it mentions nothing on its website about leverage. Leverage or margin allows you to operate with large amounts of money, while actually having made rather small investments. This, however, involves greater risk of losses.

If you are willing to take that risk, some crypto-exchanges like Kraken and CEX.IO allow margin trading. Besides, you can also trade in digital coins with forex brokerages, all of which offer some leverage. 


As we have mentioned above, Bitlish is quite open and transparent about its fee structure. In terms of trading, it charges market takers only. Verified users are charged 0.2%, and anonymous ones– 0.3% per trade. On the other hand, traders who place pending orders and provide liquidity to the exchange (market makers)are not subjected to any trading fees.

While these fees are competitive when compared to those applied by other plaers in the cryptosphere, we should note that many exchanges charge both market takers and market makers. For example, such is the case with major US crypto-exchange Poloniex.