Cryptocurrency Exchange Review (2020)

DECOIN (DTEP) CRYPTO EXCHANGE Review – DECOIN is a SCAM. Do not trust this broker!  

DECOIN will be a cryptocurrency exchange that shares its revenue with DECOIN holders. Crypto investors are more than familiar with coin exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Bittrex. Like other exchanges, DECOIN will feature an ever expanding array of high quality cryptocurrencies. Unlike the competition, DECOIN gives profits back to its stakeholders. Investors involved in their POS system will receive revenue shares at 6.2% annually, relative to their token balance.

What is DECOIN?

DECOIN is attracting investors due to the innovation and feasibility of its revenue-sharing concept. DECOIN has big plans. Following the launch of its exchange, DECOIN plans to introduce physical credit/debit cards, along with other interesting products and services.

Which Blockchain Will DECOIN Launch On?

Like so many other high quality crypto projects, DECOIN will launch on Ethereum. Ethereum is a world class cryptocurrency in its own right, with a high valuation and endless use cases already in operation. Ethereum’s industry leading technology will ensure that DECOIN’s launch will be smooth, and that investors can buy with confidence.


DECOIN is led by Nadav Moshe (Founder & CTO), Shay Perry (CEO), and Michael Kogan (COO). It seems that the owners were previously involved in binary options brands, which are  scam.

The DECOIN Roadmap

DECOIN’s roadmap indicates that Q4 2018 will be spent carrying out the ICO, launching the DECOIN exchange, and distributing DECOIN tokens. Q1 2019 will see the launch of a DECOIN trading platform. Until now, decoin didnt build their own platform, but rented from a 3rd party provider .

Is it a Scam?

DECOIN is a scam. Do not Trust DECOIN. The technology is not their proprietary , and taken from one of the crypto exchange providers.