Bitsane (SCRAM) Cryptocurrency Exchange Review (2020)

Bitsane, the innovative web-based trading and currency exchange platform, was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2016. Today, the Irish startup’s headquarters are located in Fitzwilliam Street in central Dublin where its founder and CEO, Aidas Rupsys is strategically planning the upcoming launch of full-scale investment platform.

Because of the success of Bitsane in only under one year, Rupsys considers this platform to be the largest and most impactful cryptocurrency trading platform in Ireland to date. Bitsane strives to keep improving its model by listening to user feedback and adjusting its capabilities to the growing needs of the industry and customer.

Bitsane provides a conventional web-based trading and exchange platform with mobile-friendly design. It has a real-time market quotes section for all the trading instruments offered, an order book, market depth window and is equipped with basic candlesticks charting. The platform allows two order types: Market and Limit. Besides, Bitsane offers a powerful and simple API solution that allows you to develop your own crypto currency trading applications.

Methods of payment

One of Bitsane’s advantages is the variety of payment methods it offers. While many crypto-exchanges allows their clients to transfer only the cruptocurrencies it supports, Bitsane also allows payments in EUR and USD and rubles via bank wire transfer or SEPA, as well as by OKPAY and ADVCASH.

Unfortunately, Bitsane’s system does not support Credit/Debit card transactions yet, this option may be added in the future.

As we have mentioned, this exchange charges some fees on most deposit and withdrawal methods. Deposits in bank wire/SEPA and digital coins are free of charge with Bitsane, while payments via OKPAY and Advcash are charged with 3% (and 5% for deposits via Advcash).

Withdrawals via bank wire/SEPA involve a fee of 5 EUR.