CFDAdvanced Review Forex Broker (2021)

CFDAdvanced Review 2021- FINALLY! CFDAdvanced a Reliable Trading Platform!


Due to the recent causalities caused by COVID-19, the economy has never been more unstable.

During my recent recearches, while looking for a new Reviews of Forex brokers, I came accross a very intresting Forex Broker CFDAdvanced. Thus, i decided to write CFDAdvanced review about CFDAdvanced a trading platform that I have been loving.

So, I started searching for trading platforms that I can use without any hassle, but most of them were very complex and hard to operate. I was about to give up when I found CFDAdvanced. It is a one-stop trading platform that offers trading in various currencies, metals, indices and stocks for beginners as well as experts. And the best part of it is that anyone can join CFDAdvanced platform free of charge.

The best part of it is that anyone can join CFDAdvanced platform free of charge. There is a lot more to this platform that I learned about while using and that’s why I wanted to write a CFDAdvanced review to help others as well.

I joined CFDAdvanced broker on very first day itself because my dad told me that if you are planning to do something then you should start it as soon as possible instead of making plans or putting it off until tomorrow because today may be your last day. He always says that wisdom comes with age but I don’t think so! At first, I could not understand how this works, but after sometime everything became clear to Me., every time I used to read the explanations given on CFDAdvanced website.

The CFDAdvanced Broker customer executives are well-versed in their jobs and they always answer my queries satisfactorily.  If you are looking for an easy to use but still professional trading platform then this is the one stop solution for all your needs and for that I think you should carefully read this CFDAdvanced review.

CFDAdvanced has a unique online trading platform that allows users to trade currency pairs, commodities, oil & metals, indices, equities etc. from anywhere with just a few clicks without knowing much about markets or investing at all.

In my deep research about trading programs, CFDAdvanced caught my attention because it doesn’t require any specific knowledge about trading at all. Also, CFDAdvanced offers free educational materials for which you don’t have to become a member to get the access.

Now that I have given a rough idea of the CFDAdvanced platform is about, let’s get into the details of it, Shall we?

Here are the points we will touch for this CFDAdvanced review:

  1.    Customer Service
  2.    Account Types and Varieties
  3.    Pricing Policy & Minimum Deposit Amount:
  4.    Payment Methods
  5.    Trading Charts and Tools
  6.    Platform Outlook and Theme

CFDAdvanced Customer service:

From the moment you join CFDAdvanced, you can contact CFDAdvanced customer executives through chat, e-mail etc., CFDAdvanced will help you every step of the way and make sure that everything is running smooth for you because helping new traders is their priority!

No doubt it’s a great thing about CFDAdvanced platform but sometimes too much attention gets annoying as well! This happened with me once when I received an email from them asking if my withdrawals were successful after only 3 hours of making the request, I already forgot to check it so I got annoyed by the email, but I was wrong because the withdrawal was successful.

It wouldn’t be wrong to appreciate them where they have excelled their services and mention it in my CFDAdvanced review that their representatives are really helpful and just beyond amazing. I got confused when I was signing up, they guided me everything from A-Z about the platform itself. CFDAdvanced also have video tutorials that you can check out whenever you want a quick review of a feature or a functionality in the platform.

To get in touch with CFDAdvanced broker, following are the ways you can:

Address: Floor 12, Broadgate Tower 201 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3AE, United Kingdom.

CFDAdvanced Phone numbers:

E-mail: [email protected]

CFDAdvanced Account Types and Varieties:

There are not many trading platforms that offer a variety of account types. CFDAdvanced offers 3 types of account that are further divided into sub-categories.

  • Executive Account: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP
  • Expected Managed Accounts: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP
  • Potential Forecast Profits: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP

I would like to state in my CFDAdvanced review about my journey that I started my trading journey on this platform with the Executive account type of Silver. Recently I upgraded it to the Expected Managed Accounts of Diamond. This account type gives me the leverage of 1:100 and 15-18% potential profit per month.

CFDAdvanced Pricing Policy & Minimum Deposit Amount:

As part of their commitment to offering the best trading conditions available, CFDAdvanced covers most payment processing fees. They are determined and levied by your payment issuer or bank, not by CFDAdvanced. On rare occasions, you may incur fees when transferring money to/from your account but they will be covered for you as a benefit of using this platform.

There is an exception which I would like to mention in this CFDAdvanced review that sometimes there might be some fee transfer between accounts across different banks that have nothing to do with us so please always double check first before trying it out yourself!

Our advice would just be patience in those cases where either party has yet another financial institution involved somewhere along the line; then waiting until one side pays up (usually) does the trick.

However, international credit card transactions may charge for exceeding the maximum number of monthly withdrawals. Incoming/outgoing bank transfers and transactions using a currency that is not supported (Forex conversion) also carry charges.

There are no fees for:

  • Deposits
  • Live share prices
  • Forex quotes in real-time
  • Opening / closing trades
  • Dynamic charts & graphs that show you the history of your position and projected price changes throughout its life span, and more!

CFDAdvanced Payment Methods:

When it comes to payment methods, CFDAdvanced has VISA, Master Card, SWIFT, SEPA, and MIFIDF- ii options for its members to make payments with.

I find all of these payment options to work perfectly fine. I never had any inconvenience in making any sorts of payments. However, I find it important to mention in this CFDAdvanced review that currently, they are not offering PayPal service.

CFDAdvanced Trading Chart and Tools:

This is one of the most important factors for any trading platform, but I am glad to say that CFDAdvanced offers an easy to use yet professional charting tool suite along with many other trading tools to help their users make better trading decisions. They also offer regular updates from market experts so you always know about what’s going on in the market, how it may affect your trades etc., but if you want something more custom made you can contact their trading experts and they may create a chart for you at a reasonable price.

CFDAdvanced offers mobile trading platforms that are compatible with both Android and iOS. CFDAdvanced platform boasts similar functionality to the desktop alternatives, allowing traders access to 100’s of financial markets. With more time being spent on mobile devices these days, their app comes in handy for opening trades while on-the-go! Throughout the platform, from its sign-in screen to all of its pages. However, there is one thing I don’t like about it! There are only three dialects you can choose from.

The platform also offers educational material. It has over 10 chapters that talk about trading in detail that can help many traders make informed decisions. However, there are no eBooks to download or any video tutorials. I think the platform should consider adding these as these could be really beneficial for their users.

Overall: Their customer service is very helpful as well – I always get fast answers even to my most complicated questions. I like how versatile the CFDAdvanced platform is. It even has mobile trading that can access from any part of the world on-the-go. The amount of effort they have put in to make this platform client oriented has really impressed me. I hope this CFDAdvanced review helps you in any way. Best of Luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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