CEX.IO Cryptocurrency Exchange Review (2020)

You can register on Cex using a Facebook, Google, VK, or Github account. The process takes less than a minute. However, before you can use your credit card to purchase cryptocurrencies, you need to submit it for verification.

To verify your card, you will fill out a form that requires you to provide the name on the card, the card number and the expiration date. In addition, the exchange requires you to upload three color photos proving ownership of the card.

The first photo you provide is a selfie of you holding the card with its information clearly visible. The second photo is a selfie of you holding both the credit card and a government-issued ID. Information on both documents should be readable. The third photo is a selfie of you with the back of the ID visible.

After submitting these photos and filling out the form, you will be prompted to confirm that the information you have provided is up to date and valid. You will also give permission for a company compliance officer to view the information.

If everything meets the exchange’s requirements, you will receive an email notification alerting you on the readiness of your card for use on the exchange. If any part of the information you provide is not correct, the compliance officer will reach out to you for clarifications.

The verification process can take a few hours or up to a day. Some users, however, have reported waiting for longer than a day.