Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange Review (2020)

The security breach that Bithumb suffered remains top of mind for users. But the fact that South Korean regulators responded by clamping down on KYC protocols and stricter bank account requirements offers users a greater sense of security.

Bithumb, which is owned by BTC Korea, is more user friendly then many of the other exchanges out there, with both a physical support location already established in South Korea and plans for more brick-and-mortar centers throughout the country.

It’s ease of use for local investors notwithstanding, Bithumb overall is a competitive global player. The exchange is innovative, and its brand is increasingly being spread throughout mainstream businesses. It’s clear why Bithumb is widely used in South Korea and its popularity should surge alongside the adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the region.

While vulnerabilities were uncovered, Bithumb appears to be more secure as a result of these breaches and is taking its users’ privacy seriously, as evidenced by change at the helm. This focus on security has resulted in frustration amid withdrawal delays and verification issues, particularly among international users, but it’s a theme that’s pervasive among bitcoin exchanges, not just Bithumb.