CoinEgg Cryptocurrency Exchange Review (2020)

CoinEgg’s security is reportedly good. Admittedly, it is difficult to pass, even when signing up for the basic account, before you’ve even verified your email address. They have the usual captchas, which really test your eyes in order to pass them successfully – some of them are quite difficult to read.

Plus, there are two sets of passwords you need to create – one for entry to the site, another specifically for trading. They also have an optional two-factor identification required to protect your assets. As an exchange, CoinEgg boasts that they haven’t been hacked in all the time they have been in business, since 2013. Though, never say “never.”If the history of Bitcoin is any indication, then it’s a smart bet never to keep your money on an exchange, regardless of how secure they claim to be. Get yourself a paper wallet or some variety of storage device and keep your assets safely offline.